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This is the upgraded version of my Inside Out Workshops that I taught worldwide.

Learn how the asanas effect your organs and nervous system and simple lifestyle approaches on how to use your yoga and lifestyle off your mat preventing disease and creating vitality in your body. We also look at some pathophysiology that can be improved through lifestyle, and the emotional connections to the organs and diseases.

This full workshop is 10-12 days long and comes with a lot of information! It can also be done in “chunks” of a few classes at a time allowing for better understanding and integration.

Each workshop is 2 hours – 1 hour of learning about yoga and physiology and one hour of practice time, I teach led classes in this workshop. Price will be determined by # of sessions; for reference 4 sessions is $100.00, 8 sessions $200.00, and so on. You can just sign up for 1 session at $30, there is a minimum of 5 needed for each session.

Contact Bobbi for exact dates and what will be offered on each date and to register. The dates are only suggested and are subject to change based on interest

Dates and what will be covered:

Body, Mind, and Physiology 

Day 1 5/20 – Sun Salutes and closing lotus flowers, HRV, Resonance breathing, and coherence

Day 2 5/21 – Paschimattansana through Tirianga mukha eka pada paschimattanasan, Liver, gall bladder, Spleen, and Detoxification

Day 3 5/22 – Janu sirsasana series and the pancreas

Day 4 5/23 – Marichyasana series – Navansana, the colon and digestion

Day 5 5/24 – Bandhas, Lymph, fat, and your vagus nerve

Day 6 5/25 – Bhujapidasana and your Esophagus & GERD

Day 7 5/26 – Kurmasana, Supta kurmasana and Lungs, Heart, brachial plexus and spinal cord

Day 8 5/27 – Garbha Pindasana, Kidneys and Pee

Day 9 5/28 – Adrenals, Stress and Meditation

Day 10 5/29 – Kukkutasana, our waterways and our lymph. And closes with “What is raising your Kundalini?”

Day 11 option – Inversions in detail and your hormones

Dates may vary slightly due to moon days.


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