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We make small batches only with no preservatives (other than Vitamin E or Rosemary CO2 antioxidant oil in our cream lotions) and use only organic or wild (sustainably harvested) essential and carrier oils from reputable companies I know.

These products are superior for skin care and healing.

What is currently in stock is listed below – custom orders available also, please contact Bobbi or at 717/443-1119 to order.  Go to to see more products.

Spring 2020 lung clearing Breathing Salve Chest Rub – 1 oz. $10.00

Rose Geranium Hydrosol
My own (first!) distillation of fresh organically grown by me in Maui soil Rose Geranium!  What a lovely hydrosol with herbaceous, floral (rose) and citronellal scents.  Rose geranium has an affinity for the skin — especially skin issues due to hormonal imbalance — it is a woman’s hormonal balancer.  It is highly anti-microbial, relieves stress, astringent and good for acne, and can also be used as a mouth wash.
2 oz bottle $10.00

Also NEW Regenerative Facial oil featuring Carrots & Rosehip – 1 oz $25.00
I infused Maui local organic small farm carrots into high quality extra virgin organic olive oil, and also used carrot seed essential oil in the blend; carrot is high in beta carotene and is an excellent cellular regenerator that helps to heal broken capillaries and spots on the skin, it is used both as a preventative and a treatment for wrinkles.

Night Time Regenerative Facial Serum – 1 oz $15.50
Lavender being one offers us superior skin care while relaxing our mind and easing anxiety to help with a good nights sleep.
Carrot Seed essential oil is grounding and soothing, supportive of night time rejuvenation.  Carrot seed is known for it’s superior skin rejuvenation, reducing environmental stress on the skin as well as aging factors. 
Pomegranate is high in anti-oxidants that will scavenge free radicals while we sleep, when we awaken leaving us with a more beautiful skin, I combined it with argan and jojoba to give the oil a nice silky feel.

Rosehip Seed Body Lotion – 4 oz $32.00 + tax
I love this blend!  It is so far my favorite.  It is nourishing to skin, hydrating, and balancing.  Rosehip seed oil is nourishing to skin and one of the best tissue regenerators for scars, skin burns and premature aging. Cranberry seed oil is especially good for skin and for improving saggy skin and wrinkles.  It is a perfect balance of omegas 3,6, & 9.
I added my “Orange Lifesaver” essential oil synergy of Frankincense papyrifera, Jasmine (dawn blooming), Clary Sage and Neroli for a Centering, enlivening while relaxing, optimistic, soothing, and uplifting blend  — and a very pleasant scent!

Geranium infused Shea Coconut soft Body Butter – 2 oz $23.00 +tax
This infused Shea Coconut Butter is an anti-aging body butter perfect to firm up skin that may be getting saggy and hydrate skin keeping skin youthful and wrinkle free. I made this for skin over 50 years, use it in your younger years as well to prevent your skin from looking 50 when you are 50 years old 😉 A little goes a long way, it is very rich. Flavors currently in stock are Sandalwood, wild Helichrysum, or Geranium Rose sur Fleur.

Breast Health Massage Oil – 1 oz $15.00 / 2 oz $25.00+taxMassage after shower into breasts in a circular motion going from the cleavage out, around, and under the breast 1-2x per week or daily around PMS or menstruation.

Sun Protection Body Lotion – 4 oz $30.00 + tax  
This not only protects your skin from the sun, it is healing and moisturizing for our skin and due to the essential oils of Myrrh and Helichrysum in this blend it is also excellent for muscle aches and pains and healing skin wounds.

Sun Protection Facial Oil – 1 oz $18.50 or 2 oz $37.00
Made nourishing facial oils that also provide sun protection (Red Raspberry seed oil, tamanu, and pomegranate seed oil; this oil can also be a nourishing facial oil for daily use. With essential oils of myrrh and helichrysum it is a powerful skin rejuvenative that is also antiaging.

Nasya Oil – 1 oz $15.00 +tax
Nasya – Oiling your nose!  The nose is an excellent place to have some anti-microbial oils since this is one of the first entry ways for a virus to get in, hopefully the virus will come into contact quickly with the anti-viral and be eradicated.  
Sesame oil is an excellent oil to use in your nose, nasal passages tend to be dry in the winter and this allows the virus to spread easier.  If you are new to oiling your nose just start with a little sesame oil on your pinky finger and rub it inside your nostrils.

Lip Balm – 1 oz glass jar $10

Photo by Bobbi Misiti

This batch of lip balm is made with mango and cocoa butters and flavored with vanilla and sandalwood.  I also added sea buckthorn oil due to it’s UV protection and high beta carotene content to protect our lips and keep them young looking.  This lip balm glides on silky smooth.

Cardamom Fennel Toothpaste, yum! 2 oz glass jar = $8.00

Tooth Polish Powder – 1 oz. $14.00