Rosemary Hydrosol


2 oz bottle $10.00
4 oz bottle $18.00

Contact Bobbi 717/443-1119 to order.  This hydrosol is distilled by Bobbi in Maui.  The rosemary is from Bobbi’s Maui garden where it is 100% organically grown with no pesticide usage. 

Shake well, this distillation distilled more essential oil than usual which I left disperse in the hydrosol for additional benefit.  See pic at showing the oil floating on top.

Rosemary for remembrance!  How to use this hydrosol:

One of my favorite uses for rosemary hydrosol is to spritz my hair with it.  It is a powerful herb for memory and brain health and is good for hair – helps hair to grow thicker and lush.

I also like to spray in on my face and body just prior to moisturizing with oil, the oil seals the moisture and medicine from the hydrosol in your skin.

1 tsp in a cup of water makes a lovely beverage that is also 

Rosemary is anti-viral and analgesic.  It supports local circulation, and improves healing — especially slow healing wounds.  It is safe to spray on wounds and bruises, etc. to help with cleansing the wound and speeding healing.  It has traditionally been used with success to help treat arthritic pain.  It is a good circulatory decongestant which can be helpful with vein stimulation — especially in the legs where it also has the benefit of reducing muscles spasms and cramping in the legs.

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