Rose Geranium Hydrosol made in Maui by me!

Photo by Bobbi Misiti


My own (first!) distillation of fresh organically grown by me in Maui soil Rose Geranium!  

Photo by Bobbi Misiti

What a lovely hydrosol with herbaceous, floral (rose) and citronellal scents.  It scent is healing to the body, mind, and spirit, it’s a very soothing scent.  It’s emotionally calming and balancing.

Rose geranium has an affinity for the skin — especially skin issues due to hormonal imbalance — it is a woman’s hormonal balancer.  You can mist it on your face and head to cool a hot flash, to help clear up acne, or spray it on your skin to help with fungal or bacterial skin infections.

It is very astringent so if using it on your face, following up with a lovely facial oil if you have dry skin will help to keep your skin well hydrated as it will help your skin absorb the oils.

It also makes for a great mouthwash due to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial abilities.

It is also used to help relieve jet lag and to keep one in balance during travel.  It makes an excellent mosquito repellent.

It is highly anti-microbial and relieves stress, it was traditionally used in folk medicine for ulcers.

2 oz bottle $10.00 – Contact Bobbi 717/443-1119 to order.

This was my first distillation 🙂 It was a wonderful day with my new little stainless steel still I named “Stella”.  I plan many more wonderful hydrosols with Stella.

Photo by Bobbi Misiti

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