Red Bottlebrush Hydrosol

Photo by Bobbi Misiti


The Red Bottlebrush bush is in the same family as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree (Myrtle family or Myrtaceae), this species smells very close to eucalyptus and

Photo by Bobbi Misiti

is great for respiratory systems and helping to clear mucus from the lungs.  As with all species in the Myrtle family;  it has an affinity for the respiratory system, is highly anti-microbial and anti-viral, stimulating and cleansing – helping to clear phlegm from the lungs..

Using books to identify the exact species, it is Melaleuca, linearis syn. linearifolia syn. Callistemon, linearis, pinifolius, and rigidus.

I distill the leaves to make the hydrosol, it has a very nice eucalyptus like scent. I use it in ultrasonic diffusers — without any essential oils, just put in the hydrosol like you would water.

I also like to use it to spray on my legs and body before rubbing in oils and abhyanga.

This could also be useful for helping to clear skin infections.

2 oz bottle $10.00 – Contact Bobbi 717/443-1119 to order.  Larger quantity available by request.

Stella <3, my stainless steel little still 🙂

Photo by Bobbi Misiti



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