Healthy Water Balance Body Oil


  • 4 oz of carrier oil of your choice; Tamanu is espcially good for lymph, jojoba or grapeseed are nice choices too
  • 12 drops juniper berry
  • 12 drops lentisque oil
  • 12 drops cypress oil
  • 12 drops rose geranium oil
  • 12 drops rosemary oil
  • 8 drops lavender


Blend oils in a four ounce jar by rolling it between your hands for 10-20 seconds.  Add in carrier oil and blend again.

Use as a lymphatic massage oil just after you bathe or shower.  Rubs in best when skin is slightly wet.  You could also spray a hydrolsol on your skin prior to rubbing in the oil.

This is available for purchase made by me.  I use tamanu oil in my concoction, tamanu oil is quite expensive, the price is based on that oil.  Tamanu oil is especially supportive of lymph health and flow and is excellent for this recipe, however if you would like this with a lower cost carrier oil I can make that for you by request.

4 oz. Healthy Water Balance Oil blend made with Tamanu Oil in a glass bottle with a pump = $40.00

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