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Bobbi Misiti is founder of BeFit Body & Mind, in private practice independently since 1990 specializing in yoga, aromatherapy (therapeutic  and daily uses of oils and herbs), stress reduction, movement, and eating clean whole foods.  


Bobbi is a yoga teacher, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) and a NAHA (National Association for Aromatherapists) Certified

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I combine enthusiasm with eduction and enjoy helping others find balance and empowerment inherent in whole, plant based foods, reducing chemical exposures through making our own toiletries, and a lifestyle of movement and mindfulness.  Learn and Thrive www.learnandthrive.org is my free online resource based on tried and true (by me!) methods of healthy, disease free living and how to avoid toxins in our food and environment.

From 2001 – 2017 I owned and opened BeFit Body & Mind YOGA in my hometown of Central PA, teaching individualized yoga practices local and worldwide.  In 2009 I started traveling and teaching workshops worldwide spreading the joy of lifestyle as a means of preventative medicine.

Bobbi MisitiCurrently I reside in Maui, HI when not traveling and teaching or visiting family in my hometown.  I have three lovely children and three wonderful granddaughters.

I have dedicated my life to practicing and teaching lifestyle as a means of preventative medicine.  Here is an overview of my journey:

1984-1990 Purchasing Manager, Flight Systems Inc. 
While I loved setting up Just in Time programs and optimizing stock components, it was in this job I discovered I did not enjoy spending 40+ hours each week under fluorescent lights, breathing corporate building air, and sitting in the office environment.

1990 – 2001 Self-Employed Personal Trainer, Health & Lifestyle Management Consultant, and Exercise/Movement Teacher.
I have been working independently since 1990 teaching the world about the power of breath, movement, food, herbs, and oils.  My journey on this path began in 1990 as a self employed personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutrition educator teaching in recreation centers, community centers, gyms, and various rented spaces all over Central PA.

1996 – 2017 Self-Employed Yoga Teacher & Yoga Studio Owner
In 1992 I found the practice of Yoga and by 1996 delved deep into the yoga path following a soft method of old fashioned Ashtanga Yoga.  Over the past 20+ years I have been studying, practicing, and teaching the ancient philosophies of yoga, breathing, meditation, and Ayurveda world wide.

From April of 2001 – January 2017 I owned and operated a full on yoga studio; BeFit Body & Mind YOGA, taking a giant leap on my own to teach from my heart – influencing people with lifestyle medicine — teaching the importance of yoga and lifestyle as a means to prevent diseases — and thrive.

In the fall of 2009 I began traveling internationally and teaching world wide spreading the joy of yoga, physiology — our internal workings, and the importance of whole fresh foods.  More info here on my travels.

Health Coaching Independently since 2016
I graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, in June 2017 as a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, FMCHC.  In December of 2016 during the practical training of our certification I started accepting Health Coaching clients both in person and online, slowly evolving my business toward Health Coaching.  As my health coaching business grew I designed and developed a tool on my website called Learn & Thrive to use with my clients.  This wonderful section has information to support a healthy lifestyle; de-stressing techniques, seasonal recipes and cooking tips, planning and meal planning, ways to avoid chemical exposures, and a blog.
FMCHC Certificate

NAHA Certified Aromatherapist
I have personally and with my family used herbal remedies, teas, and essential oils since the mid-80s.  With more research than ever before on the benefits of herbs and oils I have happily added Aromatherapy services to my offerings including therapeutic uses of herbs and oils to help with issues such as sleep, stress, illness, to support other medical interventions or help to reduce side effects, and to reduce overall chemical burden through making homemade chemical free toiletries, lotions, and cleaning products.
NAHA Certified Aromatherapist Certtificate

Member NAHA -National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
Member American Herbalist Guild
Member GreenMedInfo.com

I have an extensive background in anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, yoga practices, herbal home remedies, and fitness training.

I currently reside in Maui, HI when not teaching in PA or around the world.

From 1990 to present I have attended hundreds of workshops and seminars around the world on improving my understanding of the body and how it works, while developing my skills as a teacher and educator.  I have also logged countless hours studying from herbalists and Functional Medicine doctors through their lectures, summits, articles, and workshops.

Prior Certifications:

From 1990-2001 I attended many hours each year of health Summits, Fitness Conventions and nutrition seminars through:

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • IDEA (International Assoc. of Fitness Professionals)
  • DCAC Inc. (DC’s International Fitness/Personal Training/Mind-Body Conference and trade show)
    Classes Consist Of...

    Bobbi in Maui 2008


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